I AM the 7th Seal “Son of Man”

Updated Saturday March 11, 2017  video link added, indexed right to 15 year old Jewish boy Natan’s testimony of Second Coming of Mashiach (aka Messiah, Second Coming of JesusChrist) in the flesh and more accurately, as I can tell now looking back, how it played out to unfold chronologically.
First, awareness of myself being in the Spirit of Jesus Christ as I concurrently confess to myself and accepting indeed with all confidence, that I am “the worthy one” as I think of it, believe it is so and remember that I have seen it “prophesied” while being conscious of acceptance of “Second Coming of Christ” as I saw others acknowledge as happening and witnessing signs upon signs that it was indeed eminent.
Secondly, I was moved to open the 7th Seal through a combination of series of affirmations and confirmations given by accumulating signs and information that I come across on the world wide web. Finally, declaration instruction given only divinely by the Holy Spirit and then moved by Holy Spirit to name myself “Son of Man” as I had seen prophesied without even looking at other names written in history. Holy Spirit then moves me to declare with release of my private identity info, you find below in this blog post. I was clearly directed by Holy Spirit that it must be made public and sealed with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit affirmation as I felt the Holy Spirit, without any shadow of a doubt and free of hesitation to continue to move forward and again free from thinking of any consequences for doing or being what I am made out to become as I have already sought union with god. I give in to the Holy Spirit, in all my thoughts of my own existence and surrender faithfully without any fear whatsoever of what is to become of my life and fate with God, my creator, whom I love with burning passion in everything I continue to do and have witnessed in my surroundings of the natural world and in all of my past experience known together with my soul here on this Earth, a spherical body of matter with a soul as well, a conscious if you will, that I share with others in my body of flesh He (God, source, omnipotence) has provided so that I may move about in time/space, as human being, the same and equally as you are. Amen.

I (Francisco Martinez of European descent) AM The 7th seal given divine authority by Holy Spirit to unravel prophecy. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the BeastI AM the second coming. I have been referred to as God rightfully because in the collective, that is the union of your human mind with the God within that you seek that leads to the receiving of Holy Spirit if you are willing to follow why I AM the way, whether you are religious or not, is only found through me with my words that I have given unto you from the very beginning which brings about divine thought if you are willing to stay on the path it is then that you will come to realize in due time, through your good thoughts towards others, good words spoken unto others, and good deeds that you may wish or desire to do unto others, is your “Kingdom come” as Heaven on Earth. Then you will clearly know those also that follow my word. Therefore you, it has been said and I say unto you again, are transformed, “saved” “enlightened” from thinking otherwise or straying from the path. You are not to worship me (Francisco Martinez “TheFranc”), as I expect that you may possibly think of me as a god in the flesh but only through understanding of my words that I have left for you to follow from the very beginning and on this blog and that is only where you see the holy name I AM, here, afterwards and forever to eternity. Seek and you will find. The AntiChrist is those who do not acknowledge the second coming of JesusChrist in the flesh as prophesied. Bless those that understand and clearly know. If you see some one writing about “Who is the AntiChrist? Forgive them for they do not know and try to orient them that Jesus Christ is already here in the flesh as Son of Man. Those who believe all that I have written here and my 2 other recent posts, will be saved.

Holy Spirit directs me to name myself “Son of Man” I am he, Son of Man, Francisco Bernardo Martinez, born in Mexico on July 25, 1975 of my dear Catholic mother Olga Maria Martinez Murillo of Spanish-French origins. She tells me various times throughout my life that she had no pain when she gave birth to me. I declare unto you in the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit that is with me.

Those who do not confess the Second Coming of JesusChrist in the Flesh are the AntiChrist.

15-year old Jewish boy Natan from Chicago, IL had a vision and was interviewed. He was correct in his visions of the Halls of Amenti. and of the Second Coming of “Mashiach” (Messiah aka Second Coming of JesusChrist in the Flesh) Rabbi Rami asks Natan questions about the Mashiach.

Natan gives divine testimony and affirms the Messiah, JesusChrist in the flesh is here on Earth already among us as of YouTube video publication date Jan 20, 2016 :

” I could only know what his traits were. What he needs to be in order for him to be Mashiach…. He’s here. He must be here. It can’t be that the Mashiach is somebody dead. That can’t be. It has to be somebody who is here, who people know, but when he becomes the Mashiach, everybody will be surprised. A huge surprise. It will be like Wow!!!! That’s the Mashiach? “

Natan confesses that former U.S. President Obama would be involved in or around the coming of Christ or as I know and confess, the Holy Spirit into the flesh. Obama transfers power to Trump and I, afterwards, realize that I am the chosen one (Mashiach) just after February 26, 2017. No one could know the hour or even the day of his return not even I myself (Francisco). I have always had a very reasonable hunch that it might very possibly turn out to be me.

Natan testifies/affirms 2nd Coming of Messiah (JesusChrist in Flesh) is already among us (as of Jan 20, 2016) I indexed this video to begin playing at 27:34:00 right at the point where Natan answers the Rabbi’s questions on the Coming of Mashiach (aka Messiah) Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year old Natan full translation 148min Clinical Death

These are my “Lost” teachings. Blessed is Ted Nottingham who reads them with true heart in mind: The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE5MFF2UNB4

Here’s where you can find me on the web, I AM:

www.twitter.com/TheFranc (No Twitter account necessary to view my profile) about.me/Francisco.Mtz25 (Links to my other accounts are here)

As we move forward, seek and commune in prayer with those given divine authority to administer the Word of God. If you should so desire to pray privately, no matter if out loud or in your thoughts, know that I AM the same Jesus Christ as you have always known, to be with you in heart and mind.

When you see others say that Jesus Christ has not come yet, forgive them for they do not know. We must help those that are lost, misinformed, misguided, persecuted and together, those that know and understand, will help make all roads straight again.

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You will now see again why I am The Way I AM in Second Coming of JesusChrist

A moment ago I shed tears of joy upon reading through this and coming to this sentence about what they have said of me “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12)

Go do your research I say unto you if you do not believe. Seek if you will. Think carefully. I have said “I am” before. It means “The only” “The one who clearly knows”, I don’t doubt, because I have been shown everything you need to know. I don’t doubt because I am telling you from Heaven, my Kingdom which is not of this world, I am telling you in the power of fully-conscious all-knowing. Look here, when they mention the word God, after all this time, they have repeated it and here I am again and I say again, I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and he. he is written in history after me, when I departed. I have been referred to as God because I am “architect” of thought and shepherd in forming your thoughts, I am alpha and omega in order to move towards Heaven so that you may walk fully enlightened, in spirit, thoughts towards others and in your deeds. What I give them and to you is whole and good. IT IS TRUTH. It is the truth and the way.


I am the way. Do you see? If you do not, you will soon know, for it is then that you know that you must seek knowledge to be able to see and live in wisdom and in true harmony with others.

Look at my previous post. How do you think that I know how to name it and then describe all that it is? When you look for me on the internet, you will find me everywhere. That which is good must be revealed. It must be released so that all will know. It is in and of nature once we discover those things that enlighten us, to tell of them. Tell of the light. I am the light. I am the fruit of trees. I am the Life. I am the life in you. You become the light.

Thoth = Devine Thought = Ultimate collective Realization of being


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Thoth = Devine Thought = Ultimate collective Realization of being

I have just discovered, affirmed to me by my observation of the teachings of an extraordinary, very well oriented and enlightened individual, and realized quickly by myself, to myself, that this living piece, not merely an image but a construct directed and transmitted while in my holy state of being much the same way it happened to Moses, that I have yet to reveal, call it what you may, it is as you are, perfect in being, all-encompassing doctrine, doctrine of doctrines, a masterpiece, a work of art, a working Universal Theory of Everything, Ultimate Reality, Truth of Truths, Dwelling of the Father, testament and affirmation of the Kabbalah, fulfillment of prophecy of the second coming, where the Matrices and Mantras of life meet to form a grand Matrix of divine thought made personal in however you stand in your life, and made whole by method of logic, cyclic reasoning to tell, display, shine light upon the purpose of all of humanity’s endeavors and sacrifices throughout all of history. It is the finest moment to being human, in being able to communicate in wisdom through the power of words that which is revealed to man, divinely by man to those currently, as we speak, mostly in academia, who have been seeking, researching, contemplating and waiting for a centerpiece of unification of all areas of thought with the glory of god within us accompanied by the holy spirit and with everything in his surrounding and all that we have surrendered to, that which we call our “Universe”. This great piece is now at hand.

“Many deceivers will have gone out into the world; they do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh” “This is the deceiver and the Antichrist” Read 2 John 1 

All roads of thought lead to one collective realization when one human being detaches from all material demands as I have and takes the time in seclusion to unite with god, source, omnipotence, in thought, the words you speak and deeds you may like to do as you move about day to day. The Jesus incarnate walked the Earth once before and again today to experience the matrices of what others created with the holy spirit in thought, through all of human historical record before him and now after him, left behind in all the words, symbols, language, teachings, spiritual practices and scientific knowledge left to us to contemplate with in all that our wisdom allows so that we can then finally and further develop our thought towards the divine nature of the source of our existence and so that today we could more quickly show others, the path to live to see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by our will and to liberate and deliver us from further perils of evil works or intentions of others and help to pick up those especially that are clearly lost in the vast ocean of distraction and information created by the internet. Some of the information I find on the internet is relevant and revealing but most of it misinforming and/or simply inadequate. Only those in the highest state of awareness or consciousness in which the Kaballah diagram depicts will certainly know that what I am very close to proposing and revealing, is the engine and path to truth rather than faith. It is a system of feedback as you ask yourself or “the self” questions as to why they or I do this or that. It orientates you almost instantly on the path of revelation and ultimately to the Kingdom of Heaven where you will know who those others are on Earth mainly through the choice of words that they use and the context in which they are used.

Certainly Jesus Christ is and was the first and the last. When you have searched your emotional depths for information in any field or mystery, you will see that you will surely find Jesus in Christ at the end of your journey of searching or seeking (if his spirit wasn’t already with you), whatever it may be to have it all come together and make sense. The spirit and light from the story of Jesus Christ is the answer indeed. In this manner, it is said He “is” risen in the spirit of an individual or in commune with others collectively gathered together in celebration of the light he brings forth and has brought forth, in joy. It is said in faith often by those less deeply knowledgeable. You must go through the Father refers to “thought” or as in the Egyptian name given to a so-called diety and smart or wise figure named “Thoth”. In those days, this was the strongest way to communicate to others and attempt to describe what thought is. Your journey begins the same way as the Jesus incarnate being the first when you are born and have yet to begin your journey of development from adolescent to full psychosocial adult resolvement of personal crisises (see Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development). Your journey is fully-forgiven in Jesus Christ, in whatever shortcomings may cross your path, so that you can feel blessed with gratitude to learn all there is to learn, without guilt so that you can more surely live to see and join those others also in the Kingdom of Heaven while walking the Earth. The Christ part comes into your self when you fully come to realization and is the new being of your self in the all-knowing blissful state of mind after you have discovered one or more keys to unlock this unmistakable state of being, and that is in, of and from the light, what has been spoken of as the Kingdom of Heaven. We all can walk in this light from Heaven and gradually shed faith that we might be on the right path and instead truly “know” by seeing and feeling that you know and are very sure that you walk in the right path and that path is of righteousness or a path you can correct at any time towards righteousness. This “truly knowing” is the spiritual Ultimate Truth that I referred to in the past. Being in the higher state of All-knowing, as has usually been depicted by an eye at the top of a pyramid, you will undoubtedly know and recognize truth and leads you to believe and know that what you can learn of all the information and knowledge gathered throughout the centuries, leads you to an Ultimate Reality of what all of humanity collectively had been doing and working towards, all along. This Ultimate Reality came and still comes with a price in the collective of all sacrifice.

Here is revealing 33 minute audio to seriously consider:

Annie Besant predicts that only one man living the Life of Christ could manifest such a unifying instrument and construct of thought. I’ve listened to this many times in contemplation. 33 eye-opening and brilliant minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYoWhO49N7U

I am also beginning to see and realize that this “instrument of thought” yet to be revealed, because it is a matrix of data/information or our human operating system, may have a profound influence in the way artificial intelligence or trans-human learning (aka machine learning) is or can possibly be configured to learn.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk indicate in this video that AI is ready to go in a silicon chip and integrated into society as of the date of this video, October 28, 2016. Gates expresses with deep emotion what extremely profound challenges and all-permeating implications Super-Human intelligence may bring. Even more important is that they acknowledge that we should proceed with much caution and contemplation by suspending the initiatives to activate this self learning and teaching technology until we have more understanding of what we are really doing or what may really happen in the grand scheme of things.

Elon Musk & Bill Gates on the Threat of Artificial Intelligence https://youtu.be/0pz_XDC8YqY?t=12m29s

I am trying to write as it all streams down to me, so bare with me if you should find that proper sentence construction is not in order as I try a daily streak of download of my conscious.

LATEST EDIT: 4th edit Thursday March 2, 2017

3rd edit: Tuesday February 28, 2017

2nd edit: Monday February 27, 2017

As surely as the sun rises I will be back to update, edit or append to this post. It is with Joy that I share this which comes from my conscious deep-within as things are revealed to me and illuminated by the current world-wide realities arising in this very moment in time.

WordPress account administrators: You cannot be afraid and passive of this WordPress post and site. I ask for your thoughts, comments and participation in contemplating such a grand moment in history. Peace be with you.

If anyone reading this post should become emotional, I ask you to humbly hear the words spoken from another man in Christ, Ted Nottingham in these 2 particular videos:

This one you must not pass up. Listen now or listen to all of it in a quiet and non-distractful environment preferably in the most awake and calm hours of your day. The following video is very adequate and should be heard multiple times. It is Ted Nottingham bringing light upon The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua https://youtu.be/lE5MFF2UNB4

The One Thing Missing: The Christ’s Teaching on Spiritual Transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgCpzGmWACQ

THIS IS THE END OF THIS POST on: Thoth = Devine Thought =  Ultimate Collective Realization of being

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This Universal Theory of Everything is also THE ULTIMATE REALITY (OF ALL LIFE)….because in forming/developing this sort of grand theory, we must include and consider our current collective understanding of “reality”.

The biggest wonder or question I can imagine everyone might be asking about me is “How does someone like me reach this point in having the courage and confidence in writing this theory?”

Perhaps I may write a post in the future to explain more in depth but my simple answer at the moment is: through having the time, curiosity, persistence through many years to seek information about the many things that I wonder about. As a child, I was always curious about how everything in this world worked. As a kid, I had my sights set to become an astronaut some day. I never became an astronaut, but instead I became a mechanical engineer and recently I finally finished my Bachelor Degree in Communications Management.

In this post, I have developed a truly Universal statement in bold red font that is also true if read backwards and you must know that it is subject to revision if necessary.

Understanding “Manifestation” is key and should be used in the language of writing about a theory of everything and our human-observed “reality”. Your ability to manifest thought involves the yet largely mysterious realm of our mind’s consciousness and the study and observation of yourself and self-realization that you can take anything you have learned (in knowledge or experience) at any given point in your life to make connections and build upon and refine your framework of thought. Recognize and accept that there are different levels of understanding at different developmental stages in your life and be assured that eventually the world around you makes more and more sense as you are presented with and decidedly seek more information that helps you to make progress towards better understanding and making full sense of ideas and concepts. It takes time, lots of patience, self encouragement to develop confidence in what you are doing with information you learn, whether by self study or obtained through an institution.

Eventually one can get to the point where you connect ideas in your critical thinking such as engineers, scientists, inventors, journalists, critical thinkers, philosophers, etc. can do. Your learning in one field of science or academic discipline can be used to relate and/or understand and thus be able to make connections in other fields and disciplines.

The current state of communicating a theory of everything is an issue of whether an agreement can be made by scientists and academics in what language should or could be used to convey and describe the nature and manifestation of human life or for that matter, all life as we currently know and understand it.

Consider this article on the part of what Edward Trifonov, a biologist from Israel, is doing regarding the language we use in scientifically addressing the origins and definition of life.

“Things haven’t gotten much better in the years since Popa published Between Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life in 2004. Scientists have unveiled even more definitions, yet none of them have been widely embraced. But now Edward Trifonov, a biologist at the University of Haifa in Israel, has come forward with a new attempt at defining life, based on a new strategy. Rather than add on yet another definition to the pile, he’s investigating the language that previous scientists have used when they talk about life.” The weblink where this excerpt can be found: http://www.science20.com/carl_zimmer/can_science_define_life_three_words-86052


This blog post is my original work and is the result of a chain of thoughts beginning with an answer to a question:

Define Life in 3 words (Pressure, Light, Water which is in a previous separate thread)

My Theory of Everything has just been reaffirmed as valid and true as I have just learned this past week of Nassim Haramein’s recent breakthrough-work that he presented in Irvine, California this past November 24, 2011. Here’s the link to his presentation (almost 2 hours long): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4OrnXW2ut8


My theory here was written before I learned of Nassim’s research. Do not take it lightly that his work only changes subatomic physics. It changes the path of humanity, science and the acceptance of “free energy” solutions. (On Facebook, join the Tesla group to learn more “1,000,000,000 People that demand Tesla’s Papers to be released by the CIA”). This will be very hard and slow to accept. It is already being rejected by some zealous and selfish physicists/scientists. Billions of dollars continue to be spent in the new Accelerator Laboratory of CERN. As of July 4, 2012, although scientists have already confirmed the existence/discovery of the Higgs Particle (what they are saying gives physical matter its mass(weight), Research efforts and funding should be redirected to help fight disease, poverty, homelessness, hunger and other causes of human suffering in the world.

This theory predicts one of two things, that you will eventually understand all that I have written here or you’re mind will tell you that it is not ready for the reality “OF” what is written here. I predict that you will understand it to be the Ultimate Truth of Life on Earth and everything else around it (Universe). This is “THE NATURE”, “MANIFESTATION OF NATURE”, “FROM NATURE”, “BY NATURE” of this Theory of Everything I am about to explain because humans are “OF Nature”. I believe with certainty that you will believe everything that I wrote here because everyone is created equal and exists equally. Geniuses will love this and be attracted to this piece of writing. Those that are not yet geniuses, will struggle. But lest you forget, “without a struggle, there is no progress”. Mankind has certainly made progress and “it is good” but may be headed for worldwide disaster.

Understanding “Manifestation” is key to understanding all existence by way of Educated Logic, Common Sense and Intelligent human realization of what has happened.

Understanding what the word “Manifestation” really means is key to the language needed in understanding the emergence/development (manifestation) of cellular and organic life, all that came to exist (true origin of humankind), the reality that every system depends on and continues to be affected by other systems of reality which arise from systems of pressure. This has become a reality of our “thinking”, of our “being” from a chain and phases of manifestations of physical matter. Does not “being” mean “of”, “is”, and “from”? Our being and existence up until now, was considered an “illusion” because we did not know enough or had enough confirmation in the past. Current research in subatomic physics has even attracted the minds of individuals who are not scientists, like myself. All that it takes is a keen eye, mind, and passionate interest to use logic and common sense to make something out of key things in history and what has just been recently discovered and then think about how it fits into the grand scheme of the Universe and other areas of current research as well as ancient civilizations. It is only possible for someone like me to be able to “realize” what is happening and where the world is headed thanks to my gift of spatial visualization in my mind to be able to imagine and be able to manifest such a profound discovery/realization as I have done here. Beginning with the question of Defining life in 3 words, pressured me to reach deep within my mind using all that my intuition, accumulated knowledge and imagination allows. Thanks also to my intellect that guided and continues to guide my internet search skills where I am able to quickly “feel” the path to the details/and other information needed to come to such a profound discovery as I have here.

“It takes only a naturally obtained intelligence to know what has happened, but an educated imagination to make clear sense of things. Therefore and eventually, using one’s intuition and knowledgeable intelligence allows for the Genius to make connections and come to a realization of what it really means. Ultimately, it is this kind of thinking that leads to inventions and discoveries“. Each and everyone of us have our own unique way of being and it can never be repeated/duplicated. But the most fundamental (Universal) way of being is the reality that we observe and show, share and confirm/affirm with each other. The more abundance of confirmation and affirmation, the more it becomes a truth manifested from all that makes us being (causes us to exist, think, and be what we are and that is the affirmations/verification/validation of “OF”, “FROM” and “BY” upon which this Theory of Everything has been discovered and realized it is in fact true and the ultimate inescapable truth.

I have good news for everyone, we are all becoming geniuses, but there are consequences (this Theory of Everything now predicts this) that may unfold unless we all adhere our behaviors to the Universal principle of LOVE that needs to take place in all parts of the world. Especially leaders and people of influence. (Bill Gates is a genius and he will understand all that I wrote here) He is on a mission based upon the principles of “love of being” and “love of humanity and world”. Steve Jobs was aligned to this same path but was obscurred with the daily pressures accumulated in mind and body that affected his soul and well “being” eventually causing his cancer. I know this to be true because my father died of the same cancer on the 9th day in November(Nov means 9 in Latin) of the year 2009 (“9/9/9”), while Patrick Swayze also was fighting for his life.

My NEW UNIVERSAL THEORY OF EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE is derived(realized) of, by and from all manifestations of pressure (currently at work or “realized” by humans as “is happening”) which includes human life (a collection of organic systems of pressure) and the human cell (a system OF pressure interactions, BY pressure interactions and FROM pressure interactions-all the non-organic processes of Earth.) E=mc(sq’d) is a human manifested calculation of pressure(energy) observed, tested, and verified in many ways. It implies what Energy means in our world and the nature of energy. My Theory clearly proposes the complete understanding of what has been observed and how it fits into this Universal model of “WHAT HAS HAPPENED (human observational history”), WHAT IS HAPPENING, therefore evidently leading to our ability to make reasonable predictions in all corners of knowledge and understanding (professions). “Energy is the potential of PRESSURE (matter)” and gas is the most basic form/manifest of matter we call “atoms”(pressure). Formation of matter is a manifestation of, by and from, a seemingly forever continuum of Pressure Energy OF, BY and FROM the singular force of pressure we know of as “cold, dark vacuum” of outer space. This continuum of Pressure (cold vacuum) is the source that causes all atoms (beginning with one form of the atom what we call “hydrogen”) to form, out of what seems like “nothing”. The Universal continuum we know as outer space is what has been referred to as “Dark Energy” and has been confirmed as an environment that is near absolute zero temperature. Frozen matter can be seen as comets. There has been many experiments that defy the laws of physics because the Laws of physics are absent of the reality in which they take place and that is pressure (this thing we have always preferred to think of as nothingness). Energy (atoms) have always been observed by the confines of man (on earth-a system of inherent pressures that manifested the chance for life to begin and take form-and it did. Earth has been filled abundantly with many forms of life). There is a Law that currently exists and is called The Law of Abundance. And another called the Law of Attraction. All of these laws and the laws of physics are rooted and compliment my proposed Theory of Everything which implies that continuum or a constant state of pressure has infinite possibility of abundance, infinite energy. We all can verify and validate this theory just by our mere existence and ability to think it through. In the case of the Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance, a continuous or persistent positive attitude will eventually yield positive results in your lives and create more potential for attraction and when this attraction is felt by others using some or all of their senses, it attracts and it attracts/can attract in abundance.


Manifestation is not ignoring reality.”

Manifestation is word, thought, and deed

“the most important thing you can do before you start learning to manifest is to align your mind with positive thinking.”

(Just one good source of many to understand manifestation: http:www.mindset2succeed.com/law-of-attraction/manifestation-techniques-made-easy/)


What you are about to read can be dangerous. I also, would like to say that it is extremely important that you must be in positive, loving, and happy form before you read this. I understand the implications of my Discovery and Revelations of this universal idea of “Pressures” that resonates with all that we observe as “existing”, and that is using all of our senses. Our senses are systems that detect changes in pressure, air, light, and sound therefore causing reaction to the chemistry in our bodies-all derivatives of pressures at work while our minds process all feedback from our environment. All that is AROUND us, IN us, and BY us is known and has been studied and discovered (confirmations of reality) and eventually throughtout history we developed and logically assigned mathematical equations to observations using written language to communicate the implications of symbols and numbers (Universal language-Universal math). The Theory of Pressure (Everything), even appears in our social world of structure and organization. All systems of strategy and planning are based on this Theory of Pressure : where you apply pressure, a reaction or initiation of energy or no energy is expected. It all depends on how it is designed.

This law is well known throughout the sciences: Where there is an action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (This is a revelation of observations made of “what IS” and what can or is expected to happen as a result of trial and error and discovery throughout history)

Without a system of pressure, manifestation or energy cannot take place. Reality, in its very form of the word that it is written here (as symbols,data) is a manifestation of humans.


Manifested = “born of” Manifestation = “existing/observed systems created by others” Manifestations = “observed forms of systems at work”


Manifestations are manifested forms of manifestions of the Reality of Pressure. (this very well may be the Universal truth or Universal Law)

However, for it to be truly Universal, it must also be true if read backwards, so I lean for this to be the Universal statement of the Theory of Everything:




Read backwards: “Pressure of Reality is Matter of Manifestations”


In looking for life on other planets we look for all the right clues and signs of all the right “manifestations of pressure” (realities that human beings agreed to and have established through professions of study) that yield organic life and that are needed for cellular life to take form (manifested “cooperation”).


We can know this to be right and only human beings can know this to be right, simply because “WE” (a manifestation of pressures) exist and we have the ability and capacity to understand reality (over many years throughout history of accumulated knowledge about the reality that we all share and have in common as a function of human life and certainty of death. We are able to observe what our minds certainly does not ignore (manifest) all because we are a manifestation of the reality of pressure systems that brought about and shaped us into what we are today.… manifestation can also be thought of as a “consequence” of our ability to think and reason. Pressure is at work everywhere you look and can cause life to exist (and die) and the same goes for elsewhere in the universe. This Universal truth or we can call it “law of manifestations” affirms that it (cellular life) IS definitely possible and that life may and is able to exist elsewhere in the universe. Human beings with a mind (brain) capable of digestion of manifestation (food) and production of manifestation (reason and invent), are the ultimate reality that has manifested from all that we can observe as being part “OF”, and that is “reality” and that is the “Ultimate Reality” and “Ultimate Truth” of our existence. We are composed and designed “OF” it and “BY” it.

Break this Universal truth! I challenge you.

I have written all that you read here with peace of mind and full awareness of my surroundings and noise in a coffee shop but focused so much that I can only hear myself think.

Human life is a manifestation of Pressure (Energy) and previous pressure interactions of pressure systems. It took time for human life to evolve and manifest into living beings that eventually refined our methods of observing reality (manifestations) in order to finally be able to think and transfer language (communicate) and put thoughts in writing (symbols) as another set or system of language (manifestation).

And so, to understand our being (thinking beings that are able to move around) in our environment of “systems of pressure” and try to reason with our existence, we ultimately needed to decide (today’s point in time of human history) on a language for Universal reality or Universal truth.

I propose to use “manifest”, “manifestations”, and “Systems of pressure” to finally connect everything known to mankind.

It seems I don’t have to propose it, it just “IS” the right and proper language in describing and defining life.

As I sit here writing, it feels like I’m playing with words but in reality, my mind is the one carefully inputting the language of knowledge and understanding in its purest form. All out of love of my mind and self and complete understanding of my surroundings (Love OF, FROM, and BY the holy spirit of being)

We and other living animals have the ability to move around. Since we are capable of moving around and if we could manifest a way, we would travel through the universe, we would do it. But we are constrained by design (consequences of pressure), to the environment (or system of pressures) in which we were born of. And that, is the unique system of pressures or manifestation of pressures formed from and out of this singular (unique) system we call Earth. Shall we say singular = unique? Nassim Haramein?

It is important to note that to me, “system” means “structure capable of maintaining and manifesting pressure in all the forms that pressure can take form” and causing chance for cooperation, reaction and further manifestation) or has the capacity to move but may not.


And time is non-existent in the atom since motion of the particles within, in mathematical equation, are reversible.

This is a calculated reality as we know it. Break this truth! I challenge you.

This is the start of more to come. But I have to rest. Focus thinking takes a lot of energy.


In the near future, I hope to be able to explain why exactly we cannot find this thing called Higgs Boson using my new Universal language.

With the proper usage of this language that I have proposed, I am confident that I can.

If we cannot decide what Universalness can be extracted from my writing here. I atleast found the path to Universal truth, Universal Theory of Everything, Universal constant of fractality, and perhaps a Universal equation. Time that it took me to write all of this: 3 hours

MY COMMENTARY of this project:

I am looking to investigate the possibility for a NOBEL PRIZE. There is much work to do to make connections that I already have in mind but need time for careful thought as to how I will present to everyone on paper or digital format. Their is no doubt that this Universal Theory will eventually address every scientific study known to man. I already have a good understanding of cancer since my father died of it, from it and by it. (Same cancer Steve Jobs had-Pancreatic Cancer). I had spent months racing in a concentrated effort to find more information/solutions/remedies to slow or completely stop his cancer from growing, but it was too late.

I believe that my Universal Theory has the capacity to solve and settle most of the world’s problems and plagues once and for all. I strongly believe that I know what the culprit of all cancers is but I need to find more evidence/clues that make affirmations/confirmations connecting it as a culprit before I present my case (with evidence). I currently have well thought out reasons and sources to believe what causes cancer and I am confident that they will be realized by my Universal Theory of manifestations of Pressures.

Here’s just one link I recently found that is parallel and comes very close to my Universal Theory applied to Biology: http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=ptb;idno=6959004.0003.002;cc=ptb;rgn=main;view=text

In the very short future, I will set up a Paypal account to provide a means to donate to my dedication in order to expand my time and efforts in the search to connect all or most phenomena that is known to man and will reveal that my Universal Theory explains these phenomena.

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Life in 3 words: Pressure, Light and Water updated: Jan 19, 2012 6:50pm

It started with a question on Science 2.0: Can Science Define Life In Three Words? (by Carl Zimmer)

I did. Pressure, Light, and Water. And I did it in 3 paragraphs (at very end of this post). The most important thing to understand is that without Water and Light, cellular Life is not possible. And thus human Life is not possible. I could continue with sentence statements that can be inarguably true one after the other. But lets get down to business. Light is possible through the enormous (Pressure) compression of matter that took place in our sun. The light and heat radiating from the sun is a consequence or result of pressure a type of purging. This gave rise to the formation of Earth and how we see it today populated with abundant Life. Why here? It turns out pressure in all of its possible manifestations imaginable, appears and is evident in many forms everywhere we look and study. Even in our personal actions. Positive pressure. Negative pressure. Vacuum is a form of pressure. Atmospheric pressure. Fluid pressure. Blood pressure. The varying pressure inside living cells in the midst of other pressurized systems. Pressure from heat and contraction. Compressed (pressurized gas and air mixture) gasoline runs our engines.. Etc. etc. If there was another word I could add to make it 4 words that describe life it would be PURGING.

I have received a reply comment on my post in Science 2.0 website by Louis Morelli and he has encouraged me to think about writing a book. I do believe that I have a major discovery that resonates with realization of the many implications that this model solidly suggests.

…stay tuned. This is a huge undertaking and will take some time to get it down right as to not step on toes. The 3 paragraphs I submitted to Science 2.o will be edited sooner rather than later for better flow, grammar and better wording so as not to cause confusion. I will post them in this blog later. I am also looking at the possibility of pursuing a Nobel Prize.

In the meantime, catch up on how others have attempted to answer this important question:


January 19, 2012 addition:

The implications of all forms of Pressure in our Universe is far reaching and personally shocking.

Someone commented on my post to Science 2.0: “Life isn’t just about humans” While the statement alone seems true. It has everything to do with humans, because only we can fathom an explanation for what we observe and measure.

I’ve have decided to first touch on the foundations of physics in order to create movement of my discovery in the scientific world. I woke up this morning immediately thinking about how I am going to tackle this huge revelational discovery.

It will have to involve the input of all scientists to make the connections. I feel, I have come up with the best logical structure to do it with. The interactions of systems driven by PRESSURE in all its forms and variations thereof.

I feel I have already got everyone scrambling to think about this. Some are quietly thinking and some already have a game plan.

Here’s what to think about first in accepting this idea worldwide as a truly Universal idea of creation:

You see,

I believe Einstein’s equation is a revelation of systems of “pressure” at work without using the element of time (the actual amount of time that it takes) but instead a representation of time. (what amount of time it takes for this energy creation process (stars) to happen-of course with the right amount of mass as well)

Einstein’s equation depicting the speed of light (squared), is representative of the “system of pressure” that it took to create it.


His equation is right in the middle of things. And these “things” are the current systems of pressure at work and observable at this point in time and history of our Galaxy in which humans can observe it and survey it.


In explaining Einstein’s idea of E = mc(sq’d), It actually starts out with pressure first:


Pressure = Energy (or potential for energy or state of energy) (Human calculated representation is E = mc(sq’d))



Pressure System #1 (Sun) Pressure = accumulated Mass in space + enough compression = Energy (fusion) = Light Photons (output/transfer) to other systems.


Pressure System #2 (Earth) Pressure= Mass + not enough compression to emit light = Energy (conservation of energy)


Pressure system #1 output (pressure) = speeding Energy (light) applied to:

System #2 Earth (pressure input in the form of light energy) à increase of energy & reactions in system #2 due to transfer of energy (light) = more pressure applied to system #2 to eventually form an atmosphere suitable for life (crucial System #3 respective of cellular life). Variation of pressure on Earth is also massaged by system #4 (moon). As we have evidenced that the moon affects tide which moves mass (water) around.


Energy = Pressure (compression (planetary matter under enough stress = heat)

Energy = Compressed mass (under extreme pressure) (a star formation)

         Energy = Compressed mass (enough of it “variation” is “amount of pressure”)

            Variation of compressed mass:

            Not enough of it = planets (mass+compression = heat (magma)

            Enough collection of matter/mass under PRESSURE = suns (stars) (mass+compression = heat + release of energy in light form)

            Too much accumulation of mass = black hole (for now we should leave black holes alone)

I’m not sure where to put supernova at this time (but the important thing is, that they are formed from accumulation of pressures).


So each planetary body in a solar system has its own representative equation of output and input of pressure.

For the purposes of moving forward we shall try to focus on tackling the “Universalness” of pressure first and put black holes aside. They are something that is not visible but detectable and we still know very little about (only theories). But if someone sees/finds a revelation about the nature of black holes that will fit very well with the idea of Pressure, please bring it up. Generally, a black hole is too much pressure for light to emerge and life is not possible with in it. But we do know black holes are at the center of every Galaxy and they are there for a reason. I want to say that instead of emitting light they emit resonant waves that that help the organization of Solar systems in to what we see them today. And that is that they all have similar features and many things in common.


Added January 19, 2012 6:50pm

explaining 3 words that define Life: Pressure, Light and Water

  • (this is my initial thought flow and will be edited and updated at a later time.)

    Whether there was a big bang or not, we are not concerned for the purpose of nailing down 3 words. Whatever fabric of space and the nature of it, was prepared for life to happen is not yet important as in terms of defining LIFE as fundamental as you’d like. First there was movement of matter through what we refer to as outer space (dark matter/vacuum). The scattered matter attracted (gravity) to each other and formed all sorts of celestial bodies. We are concerned with the path for the possibility of LIFE. More concentrated matter (higher PRESSURE towards the center point of “singularity”) formed stars which shed LIGHT and created magnetic fields to fully develop its own solar system with planets. As a result of all the PRESSURE interactions in the Earth’s core, the right combination of physiological interactions created vapor (WATER). From this point on only time and other micro systems of pressure and chemical reactions produced as a result, the right pressures (temperatures) to form an atmosphere suitable first for microbes and whatever other evolutionary theories you want to apply, gave chance for the evolution and existence of Human LIFE.

    As it concerns Human LIFE, we survive because of Pressures in our various systems (heart), The LIGHT that continues to shine sustains LIFE to continue to sustain plant life which many other forms of life depend on. And the WATER that was developed is crucial to sustain and prolong the final creation of physical LIFE in the history of these systems of PRESSURE cycles and phases. Earth’s magnetic field and gravity keeps gas (humidity+air) from escaping into space.

    A loss of magnetic field (“breach “) causes gas to escape into space. Ice has melted from the north pole and a sea level rise was expected. Where did it all go? Loss of pressure in our atmosphere as a result of pollution combined with intense variation of pressure bursts of energy from the sun that affected Earth’s magnetic shield.

    The final result of the cycle of human and animal LIFE is cancers, disease and evil and damage to our very sensitive atmospheric pressure system. There are also imperfections, and mutations in cells that resonate with an imperfect universe. All the manifestations and variations of Pressure are not perfect. But something close to a balance (or regulation) of forces is what makes us human beings what we are today and capable of all the things that came to pass. Therefore and ultimately (the present time), wisdoms of good intention (mostly Religions) were developed and exist to guide us and develop into decent, loving, and considerate human beings through a social worldwide system that pressures every one of us to adhere to. If we don’t, an even higher cycle of evolution in LIFE (in the Human mind), as a result of our inventions and the many creations throughout human history, can and have poisoned our minds and also can and have created the chance for cancer, diseases, and evil. The secret to unlocking the secrets of the existence of life and the sustainability of life is in patiently making, careful, indiscriminate considerations of all aspects of life.

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Exciting Times of Discovery in the Midst of Disasters

As I debated about what professional subject to write about from the beginning of this blog, I thought I would touch on this just for a little bit. As I have scoured the internet, I came across more affirmative clues that the Higgs Boson or “God Particle” may very well not be found with the current technology physicists and scientists are currently using. However, their status is full speed ahead with this costly scientific endeavor. I have logically suspected, the Higgs Boson is not a particle and it is not elusive because it simply doesn’t exist in the form that they are looking for. Something is certainly there that gives matter it’s mass as the physical world we all know, see and can touch.

The secret and the problem
lies somewhere between: they are focused on zooming in too far, higher collision energies are having no effect in finding “it”, we haven’t invented or refined the technology or methods to detect this Higgs “field”. It’s much like describing God and then trying to reveal what God looks like. It is not possible. Once a proton is fractured by the colliders in such minute segments of particles, there is no longer any point of singularity from which the fragmented proton and antiproton can reassemble. In effect, scientists are looking for and trying to capture a glimpse of this point of singularity from which an atom exists and obtains mass, but it cannot be seen or detected. Anyway, those are my summarized and educated thoughts along with my gut feeling about the current research currently taking place for a long sought problem in subatomic physics that is intertwined with religion. As you know, they both try to explain the nature of our existence. In Science fundamentally, and in Religion functionally, which is through the human spirit and in essence through our journey of living in decency as creatures of this planet.

So just as Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Flooding continue to persist in causing major damage and deaths around the world. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also relocates to Denver, Colorado and here we are with more than a handful of problems and worries in the midst of a second economic recession not just in the United States of America LLC but a worldwide economic crisis. Perhaps a recession is happening again because we are all on the computer right now interacting even more with all the various forms of Social Media, commenting and viewing videos and doing what we do best (multitasking) all from the comfort of our office or chair. Either way, I will be busy Discovering New Media Tools and Applications and get good at blogging and prospecting for a better future as a Communications Management major. The CIA holds many secrets and I’m sure they don’t have anything of intelligent information to Blog or Tweet about. However, I did notice many bloggers are talking about the CIA on WordPress.

Here’s a nicely produced video treat for you that I found on Google+ while trying to sign up: http://vimeo.com/7809605

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Current State of Social Business Media -Student Perspective

Personally, I cannot write about how to make money on the Blogosphere because I haven’t made any money using it yet. However, you can bet I am setting my sights on it. As a student in Communications Management we have recently studied Public and Media Relations, Media and Writing Techniques, Applied Communication Techniques and theories. All of which are the perfect combination of essentials for success as a User on the Blogosphere for whatever purpose and all other Social Media as far as I’m concerned.

For those interested, the emails I have received come from ZIFF DAVIS Enterprise. They have sent me an invitation to a “Digital Event” (first time I ever heard it that way). It’s an online broadcast and it’s called Smart Social Business: The Secrets To Creating A Successful Social Networking Initiative That Actually Makes Money. It must be noted that these regular newsletter emails I receive about Social Media are the same ones IT Professionals get. Tech Web Events of San Francisco sends me a periodic email about Enterprise 2.0 which is an Annual conference where Business pros and IT pros meet to discuss and showcase the latest technologies for business. This conference focuses on how IT professionals and business owners can set their “social business strategy using Social Media”. The Conference was held this past June (2011) in Boston and the theme or topic was “Building Social Business”. This is the link for this event for your learning enjoyment: http://recp.mkt41.net/servlet/MailView?m=36373690&r=NzU2MDUxMTE0OAS2&j=OTY0MTU1NzAS1&mt=1

Social Media for Enterprises has made way for the creation and support of dedicated software platforms that handle company-wide collaboration (Unified Communication) including the integration of Social Media as part of a company’s strategy for success in Marketing and Sales. One such platform for this purpose is called Sharepoint 2010.

The site for Tech Web Events is http://liveevents.techweb.com/ and there you will learn how quickly the evolution of internet technology has made an impact on enterprise business. With titles to live events such as “The Battle for the Internet Economy”, “Communications Transforming Business”, you can imagine the depth and breath of knowledge to gain. Nevertheless, I may not be able to attend, but I am learning the basics quickly from the bottom up and picking up many clues for the “directions” social media is going.

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