Blogging or Bragging?

Our assignment gives us a choice. Wow. We have two choices. As so it seems. What’s better to blog about? A Professional issue or an Organization? Well what is really considered a  professional issue? Who says it is? There are many organizations and many professional issues. So really, our choices are unlimited. I want to blog about a professional issue but if I blog about an organization, it will have to be one that is worthwhile to my reader fans and perhaps controversial. Issues that I could discuss would have to be something that affects us all. Why would anyone blog about something that doesn’t capture interest? Unless, of course, it is creative writing. But I’m really not ready for creative writing.

I have debated blogging about something along the lines of our distressed economy or a long standing issue such as the mysteries of cancer and cures.  Or all the time, effort, and vast amounts of money going towards subatomic Physics research at facilities such as Fermilab or the bigger particle collider in Europe on the Swiss-French border. But there is also a lot of funding going to cures for cancer. To really capture my audience, I want to let my readers help me choose what they want to hear about. We hear of many things in this information age, but we are all tuned in very differently as we go about in our own little worlds with our busy schedules and habits. I am sure that we want to hear more of something that we know little about or something that we have passion about or a great interest. So, my dear reader friends of my blog, I would like to hear from you.

I am asking you for a quick tip or some feedback on my CiscoSphere Blog. Should I blog about new forms of Media, tools, technologies? Or should I blog about what our future might look like in the year 2012. What changes we can expect. What everyone is talking about that might happen in 2012. Or should I Blog about Crop Circles and the meaning behind the geometry. That would be a professional issue, wouldn’t it? They’re certainly not amateurs on those cornfields. I would say they are definitely very intelligent beings who know a heck of a lot more than the ordinary individual. What would you like to read about my friends?


About TheFranc

Friend of #TRUTH seekers all over the world in all areas of life and spiritual transformation. Curious lover of advanced knowledge, research, analysis of intelligence in all systems of design, architecture, marvels of engineering, leadership, entrepreneurship, human triumph, wisdom, physical anatomy and etymology.
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