Blogging to make money (Business)

What to Blog about is not an easy thing to decide on. Part of the reason I think, is that there’s a fear factor or a shy factor or even a combination thereof. In other words, there’s very much unknown risk and let alone deciding what Social Media to invest your precious time in no matter who you are. It’s sort of like how you decide on what to say on Facebook. But Facebook is generally based on your personal thoughts and how your “Facebook circle” of friends will perceive you. The motivation to write in this scenario is simply for personal pleasure and entertainment of your close friends or fans. What about writing/blogging to make an income? How’s that for motivation?

When you write for a Blog, it is a much different feeling. You are shooting an arrow into the blogosphere and hope you hit it right and make waves so the world may be able to notice. They will be judging the information you provide and how current it is and decide whether they will keep in touch with you or follow up. However, you can also make your Blogs private. You want to try to be careful about what you say and how you say it because there’s nothing worse than no one reading your blogs or getting a decline in visitors to your blog. Writing/blogging has to be interesting to a reader. There has to be more in it for them to capture their attention so that they will likely come back for more. There has to be really darn good reasons for them to take their precious time out to read what you have blogged about.

I believe blogging is very much like a business. Having said that, Blog providers are constantly working on different functional background/themes for your Blog page. Simple ones are free and very functional “premium” ones cost upwards of $50. Why do they cost money? Well, let’s just say for now that they provide a greater potential and value for you to create that “professional” image needed for your business or service, whatever that may be.

The blog page idea was originally created as an instrument for the “display”or communication of ideas and information for writers, book reviewers and the like. Added capabilities like leaving a reply/feedback among other things has evolved a blog into a social tool to promote or even better, to conduct business. The key ability of getting feedback is something extremely valuable to an organization or company. There’s very much value to be found with this added capability. I am learning that a blog page is evolving to be used very much like a regular/traditional business website. I believe the definition of a blog page will evolve quickly as more functionality is being built in by Blog providers and more clever uses are emerging as a result.


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