Current State of Social Business Media -Student Perspective

Personally, I cannot write about how to make money on the Blogosphere because I haven’t made any money using it yet. However, you can bet I am setting my sights on it. As a student in Communications Management we have recently studied Public and Media Relations, Media and Writing Techniques, Applied Communication Techniques and theories. All of which are the perfect combination of essentials for success as a User on the Blogosphere for whatever purpose and all other Social Media as far as I’m concerned.

For those interested, the emails I have received come from ZIFF DAVIS Enterprise. They have sent me an invitation to a “Digital Event” (first time I ever heard it that way). It’s an online broadcast and it’s called Smart Social Business: The Secrets To Creating A Successful Social Networking Initiative That Actually Makes Money. It must be noted that these regular newsletter emails I receive about Social Media are the same ones IT Professionals get. Tech Web Events of San Francisco sends me a periodic email about Enterprise 2.0 which is an Annual conference where Business pros and IT pros meet to discuss and showcase the latest technologies for business. This conference focuses on how IT professionals and business owners can set their “social business strategy using Social Media”. The Conference was held this past June (2011) in Boston and the theme or topic was “Building Social Business”. This is the link for this event for your learning enjoyment:

Social Media for Enterprises has made way for the creation and support of dedicated software platforms that handle company-wide collaboration (Unified Communication) including the integration of Social Media as part of a company’s strategy for success in Marketing and Sales. One such platform for this purpose is called Sharepoint 2010.

The site for Tech Web Events is and there you will learn how quickly the evolution of internet technology has made an impact on enterprise business. With titles to live events such as “The Battle for the Internet Economy”, “Communications Transforming Business”, you can imagine the depth and breath of knowledge to gain. Nevertheless, I may not be able to attend, but I am learning the basics quickly from the bottom up and picking up many clues for the “directions” social media is going.


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