Exciting Times of Discovery in the Midst of Disasters

As I debated about what professional subject to write about from the beginning of this blog, I thought I would touch on this just for a little bit. As I have scoured the internet, I came across more affirmative clues that the Higgs Boson or “God Particle” may very well not be found with the current technology physicists and scientists are currently using. However, their status is full speed ahead with this costly scientific endeavor. I have logically suspected, the Higgs Boson is not a particle and it is not elusive because it simply doesn’t exist in the form that they are looking for. Something is certainly there that gives matter it’s mass as the physical world we all know, see and can touch.

The secret and the problem
lies somewhere between: they are focused on zooming in too far, higher collision energies are having no effect in finding “it”, we haven’t invented or refined the technology or methods to detect this Higgs “field”. It’s much like describing God and then trying to reveal what God looks like. It is not possible. Once a proton is fractured by the colliders in such minute segments of particles, there is no longer any point of singularity from which the fragmented proton and antiproton can reassemble. In effect, scientists are looking for and trying to capture a glimpse of this point of singularity from which an atom exists and obtains mass, but it cannot be seen or detected. Anyway, those are my summarized and educated thoughts along with my gut feeling about the current research currently taking place for a long sought problem in subatomic physics that is intertwined with religion. As you know, they both try to explain the nature of our existence. In Science fundamentally, and in Religion functionally, which is through the human spirit and in essence through our journey of living in decency as creatures of this planet.

So just as Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Flooding continue to persist in causing major damage and deaths around the world. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also relocates to Denver, Colorado and here we are with more than a handful of problems and worries in the midst of a second economic recession not just in the United States of America LLC but a worldwide economic crisis. Perhaps a recession is happening again because we are all on the computer right now interacting even more with all the various forms of Social Media, commenting and viewing videos and doing what we do best (multitasking) all from the comfort of our office or chair. Either way, I will be busy Discovering New Media Tools and Applications and get good at blogging and prospecting for a better future as a Communications Management major. The CIA holds many secrets and I’m sure they don’t have anything of intelligent information to Blog or Tweet about. However, I did notice many bloggers are talking about the CIA on WordPress.

Here’s a nicely produced video treat for you that I found on Google+ while trying to sign up: http://vimeo.com/7809605


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