Life in 3 words: Pressure, Light and Water updated: Jan 19, 2012 6:50pm

It started with a question on Science 2.0: Can Science Define Life In Three Words? (by Carl Zimmer)

I did. Pressure, Light, and Water. And I did it in 3 paragraphs (at very end of this post). The most important thing to understand is that without Water and Light, cellular Life is not possible. And thus human Life is not possible. I could continue with sentence statements that can be inarguably true one after the other. But lets get down to business. Light is possible through the enormous (Pressure) compression of matter that took place in our sun. The light and heat radiating from the sun is a consequence or result of pressure a type of purging. This gave rise to the formation of Earth and how we see it today populated with abundant Life. Why here? It turns out pressure in all of its possible manifestations imaginable, appears and is evident in many forms everywhere we look and study. Even in our personal actions. Positive pressure. Negative pressure. Vacuum is a form of pressure. Atmospheric pressure. Fluid pressure. Blood pressure. The varying pressure inside living cells in the midst of other pressurized systems. Pressure from heat and contraction. Compressed (pressurized gas and air mixture) gasoline runs our engines.. Etc. etc. If there was another word I could add to make it 4 words that describe life it would be PURGING.

I have received a reply comment on my post in Science 2.0 website by Louis Morelli and he has encouraged me to think about writing a book. I do believe that I have a major discovery that resonates with realization of the many implications that this model solidly suggests.

…stay tuned. This is a huge undertaking and will take some time to get it down right as to not step on toes. The 3 paragraphs I submitted to Science 2.o will be edited sooner rather than later for better flow, grammar and better wording so as not to cause confusion. I will post them in this blog later. I am also looking at the possibility of pursuing a Nobel Prize.

In the meantime, catch up on how others have attempted to answer this important question:

January 19, 2012 addition:

The implications of all forms of Pressure in our Universe is far reaching and personally shocking.

Someone commented on my post to Science 2.0: “Life isn’t just about humans” While the statement alone seems true. It has everything to do with humans, because only we can fathom an explanation for what we observe and measure.

I’ve have decided to first touch on the foundations of physics in order to create movement of my discovery in the scientific world. I woke up this morning immediately thinking about how I am going to tackle this huge revelational discovery.

It will have to involve the input of all scientists to make the connections. I feel, I have come up with the best logical structure to do it with. The interactions of systems driven by PRESSURE in all its forms and variations thereof.

I feel I have already got everyone scrambling to think about this. Some are quietly thinking and some already have a game plan.

Here’s what to think about first in accepting this idea worldwide as a truly Universal idea of creation:

You see,

I believe Einstein’s equation is a revelation of systems of “pressure” at work without using the element of time (the actual amount of time that it takes) but instead a representation of time. (what amount of time it takes for this energy creation process (stars) to happen-of course with the right amount of mass as well)

Einstein’s equation depicting the speed of light (squared), is representative of the “system of pressure” that it took to create it.


His equation is right in the middle of things. And these “things” are the current systems of pressure at work and observable at this point in time and history of our Galaxy in which humans can observe it and survey it.


In explaining Einstein’s idea of E = mc(sq’d), It actually starts out with pressure first:


Pressure = Energy (or potential for energy or state of energy) (Human calculated representation is E = mc(sq’d))



Pressure System #1 (Sun) Pressure = accumulated Mass in space + enough compression = Energy (fusion) = Light Photons (output/transfer) to other systems.


Pressure System #2 (Earth) Pressure= Mass + not enough compression to emit light = Energy (conservation of energy)


Pressure system #1 output (pressure) = speeding Energy (light) applied to:

System #2 Earth (pressure input in the form of light energy) à increase of energy & reactions in system #2 due to transfer of energy (light) = more pressure applied to system #2 to eventually form an atmosphere suitable for life (crucial System #3 respective of cellular life). Variation of pressure on Earth is also massaged by system #4 (moon). As we have evidenced that the moon affects tide which moves mass (water) around.


Energy = Pressure (compression (planetary matter under enough stress = heat)

Energy = Compressed mass (under extreme pressure) (a star formation)

         Energy = Compressed mass (enough of it “variation” is “amount of pressure”)

            Variation of compressed mass:

            Not enough of it = planets (mass+compression = heat (magma)

            Enough collection of matter/mass under PRESSURE = suns (stars) (mass+compression = heat + release of energy in light form)

            Too much accumulation of mass = black hole (for now we should leave black holes alone)

I’m not sure where to put supernova at this time (but the important thing is, that they are formed from accumulation of pressures).


So each planetary body in a solar system has its own representative equation of output and input of pressure.

For the purposes of moving forward we shall try to focus on tackling the “Universalness” of pressure first and put black holes aside. They are something that is not visible but detectable and we still know very little about (only theories). But if someone sees/finds a revelation about the nature of black holes that will fit very well with the idea of Pressure, please bring it up. Generally, a black hole is too much pressure for light to emerge and life is not possible with in it. But we do know black holes are at the center of every Galaxy and they are there for a reason. I want to say that instead of emitting light they emit resonant waves that that help the organization of Solar systems in to what we see them today. And that is that they all have similar features and many things in common.


Added January 19, 2012 6:50pm

explaining 3 words that define Life: Pressure, Light and Water

  • (this is my initial thought flow and will be edited and updated at a later time.)

    Whether there was a big bang or not, we are not concerned for the purpose of nailing down 3 words. Whatever fabric of space and the nature of it, was prepared for life to happen is not yet important as in terms of defining LIFE as fundamental as you’d like. First there was movement of matter through what we refer to as outer space (dark matter/vacuum). The scattered matter attracted (gravity) to each other and formed all sorts of celestial bodies. We are concerned with the path for the possibility of LIFE. More concentrated matter (higher PRESSURE towards the center point of “singularity”) formed stars which shed LIGHT and created magnetic fields to fully develop its own solar system with planets. As a result of all the PRESSURE interactions in the Earth’s core, the right combination of physiological interactions created vapor (WATER). From this point on only time and other micro systems of pressure and chemical reactions produced as a result, the right pressures (temperatures) to form an atmosphere suitable first for microbes and whatever other evolutionary theories you want to apply, gave chance for the evolution and existence of Human LIFE.

    As it concerns Human LIFE, we survive because of Pressures in our various systems (heart), The LIGHT that continues to shine sustains LIFE to continue to sustain plant life which many other forms of life depend on. And the WATER that was developed is crucial to sustain and prolong the final creation of physical LIFE in the history of these systems of PRESSURE cycles and phases. Earth’s magnetic field and gravity keeps gas (humidity+air) from escaping into space.

    A loss of magnetic field (“breach “) causes gas to escape into space. Ice has melted from the north pole and a sea level rise was expected. Where did it all go? Loss of pressure in our atmosphere as a result of pollution combined with intense variation of pressure bursts of energy from the sun that affected Earth’s magnetic shield.

    The final result of the cycle of human and animal LIFE is cancers, disease and evil and damage to our very sensitive atmospheric pressure system. There are also imperfections, and mutations in cells that resonate with an imperfect universe. All the manifestations and variations of Pressure are not perfect. But something close to a balance (or regulation) of forces is what makes us human beings what we are today and capable of all the things that came to pass. Therefore and ultimately (the present time), wisdoms of good intention (mostly Religions) were developed and exist to guide us and develop into decent, loving, and considerate human beings through a social worldwide system that pressures every one of us to adhere to. If we don’t, an even higher cycle of evolution in LIFE (in the Human mind), as a result of our inventions and the many creations throughout human history, can and have poisoned our minds and also can and have created the chance for cancer, diseases, and evil. The secret to unlocking the secrets of the existence of life and the sustainability of life is in patiently making, careful, indiscriminate considerations of all aspects of life.


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