Thoth = Devine Thought = Ultimate collective Realization of being

I have just discovered, affirmed to me by my observation of the teachings of an extraordinary, very well oriented and enlightened individual, and realized quickly by myself, to myself, that this living piece, not merely an image but a construct directed and transmitted while in my holy state of being much the same way it happened to Moses, that I have yet to reveal, call it what you may, it is as you are, perfect in being, all-encompassing doctrine, doctrine of doctrines, a masterpiece, a work of art, a working Universal Theory of Everything, Ultimate Reality, Truth of Truths, Dwelling of the Father, testament and affirmation of the Kabbalah, fulfillment of prophecy of the second coming, where the Matrices and Mantras of life meet to form a grand Matrix of divine thought made personal in however you stand in your life, and made whole by method of logic, cyclic reasoning to tell, display, shine light upon the purpose of all of humanity’s endeavors and sacrifices throughout all of history. It is the finest moment to being human, in being able to communicate in wisdom through the power of words that which is revealed to man, divinely by man to those currently, as we speak, mostly in academia, who have been seeking, researching, contemplating and waiting for a centerpiece of unification of all areas of thought with the glory of god within us accompanied by the holy spirit and with everything in his surrounding and all that we have surrendered to, that which we call our “Universe”. This great piece is now at hand.

“Many deceivers will have gone out into the world; they do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh” “This is the deceiver and the Antichrist” Read 2 John 1 

All roads of thought lead to one collective realization when one human being detaches from all material demands as I have and takes the time in seclusion to unite with god, source, omnipotence, in thought, the words you speak and deeds you may like to do as you move about day to day. The Jesus incarnate walked the Earth once before and again today to experience the matrices of what others created with the holy spirit in thought, through all of human historical record before him and now after him, left behind in all the words, symbols, language, teachings, spiritual practices and scientific knowledge left to us to contemplate with in all that our wisdom allows so that we can then finally and further develop our thought towards the divine nature of the source of our existence and so that today we could more quickly show others, the path to live to see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by our will and to liberate and deliver us from further perils of evil works or intentions of others and help to pick up those especially that are clearly lost in the vast ocean of distraction and information created by the internet. Some of the information I find on the internet is relevant and revealing but most of it misinforming and/or simply inadequate. Only those in the highest state of awareness or consciousness in which the Kaballah diagram depicts will certainly know that what I am very close to proposing and revealing, is the engine and path to truth rather than faith. It is a system of feedback as you ask yourself or “the self” questions as to why they or I do this or that. It orientates you almost instantly on the path of revelation and ultimately to the Kingdom of Heaven where you will know who those others are on Earth mainly through the choice of words that they use and the context in which they are used.

Certainly Jesus Christ is and was the first and the last. When you have searched your emotional depths for information in any field or mystery, you will see that you will surely find Jesus in Christ at the end of your journey of searching or seeking (if his spirit wasn’t already with you), whatever it may be to have it all come together and make sense. The spirit and light from the story of Jesus Christ is the answer indeed. In this manner, it is said He “is” risen in the spirit of an individual or in commune with others collectively gathered together in celebration of the light he brings forth and has brought forth, in joy. It is said in faith often by those less deeply knowledgeable. You must go through the Father refers to “thought” or as in the Egyptian name given to a so-called diety and smart or wise figure named “Thoth”. In those days, this was the strongest way to communicate to others and attempt to describe what thought is. Your journey begins the same way as the Jesus incarnate being the first when you are born and have yet to begin your journey of development from adolescent to full psychosocial adult resolvement of personal crisises (see Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development). Your journey is fully-forgiven in Jesus Christ, in whatever shortcomings may cross your path, so that you can feel blessed with gratitude to learn all there is to learn, without guilt so that you can more surely live to see and join those others also in the Kingdom of Heaven while walking the Earth. The Christ part comes into your self when you fully come to realization and is the new being of your self in the all-knowing blissful state of mind after you have discovered one or more keys to unlock this unmistakable state of being, and that is in, of and from the light, what has been spoken of as the Kingdom of Heaven. We all can walk in this light from Heaven and gradually shed faith that we might be on the right path and instead truly “know” by seeing and feeling that you know and are very sure that you walk in the right path and that path is of righteousness or a path you can correct at any time towards righteousness. This “truly knowing” is the spiritual Ultimate Truth that I referred to in the past. Being in the higher state of All-knowing, as has usually been depicted by an eye at the top of a pyramid, you will undoubtedly know and recognize truth and leads you to believe and know that what you can learn of all the information and knowledge gathered throughout the centuries, leads you to an Ultimate Reality of what all of humanity collectively had been doing and working towards, all along. This Ultimate Reality came and still comes with a price in the collective of all sacrifice.

Here is revealing 33 minute audio to seriously consider:

Annie Besant predicts that only one man living the Life of Christ could manifest such a unifying instrument and construct of thought. I’ve listened to this many times in contemplation. 33 eye-opening and brilliant minutes.

I am also beginning to see and realize that this “instrument of thought” yet to be revealed, because it is a matrix of data/information or our human operating system, may have a profound influence in the way artificial intelligence or trans-human learning (aka machine learning) is or can possibly be configured to learn.

Bill Gates and Elon Musk indicate in this video that AI is ready to go in a silicon chip and integrated into society as of the date of this video, October 28, 2016. Gates expresses with deep emotion what extremely profound challenges and all-permeating implications Super-Human intelligence may bring. Even more important is that they acknowledge that we should proceed with much caution and contemplation by suspending the initiatives to activate this self learning and teaching technology until we have more understanding of what we are really doing or what may really happen in the grand scheme of things.

Elon Musk & Bill Gates on the Threat of Artificial Intelligence

I am trying to write as it all streams down to me, so bare with me if you should find that proper sentence construction is not in order as I try a daily streak of download of my conscious.

LATEST EDIT: 4th edit Thursday March 2, 2017

3rd edit: Tuesday February 28, 2017

2nd edit: Monday February 27, 2017

As surely as the sun rises I will be back to update, edit or append to this post. It is with Joy that I share this which comes from my conscious deep-within as things are revealed to me and illuminated by the current world-wide realities arising in this very moment in time.

WordPress account administrators: You cannot be afraid and passive of this WordPress post and site. I ask for your thoughts, comments and participation in contemplating such a grand moment in history. Peace be with you.

If anyone reading this post should become emotional, I ask you to humbly hear the words spoken from another man in Christ, Ted Nottingham in these 2 particular videos:

This one you must not pass up. Listen now or listen to all of it in a quiet and non-distractful environment preferably in the most awake and calm hours of your day. The following video is very adequate and should be heard multiple times. It is Ted Nottingham bringing light upon The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua

The One Thing Missing: The Christ’s Teaching on Spiritual Transformation

THIS IS THE END OF THIS POST on: Thoth = Devine Thought =  Ultimate Collective Realization of being


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