I AM the 7th Seal “Son of Man”

Updated Saturday March 11, 2017  video link added, indexed right to 15 year old Jewish boy Natan’s testimony of Second Coming of Mashiach (aka Messiah, Second Coming of JesusChrist) in the flesh and more accurately, as I can tell now looking back, how it played out to unfold chronologically.
First, awareness of myself being in the Spirit of Jesus Christ as I concurrently confess to myself and accepting indeed with all confidence, that I am “the worthy one” as I think of it, believe it is so and remember that I have seen it “prophesied” while being conscious of acceptance of “Second Coming of Christ” as I saw others acknowledge as happening and witnessing signs upon signs that it was indeed eminent.
Secondly, I was moved to open the 7th Seal through a combination of series of affirmations and confirmations given by accumulating signs and information that I come across on the world wide web. Finally, declaration instruction given only divinely by the Holy Spirit and then moved by Holy Spirit to name myself “Son of Man” as I had seen prophesied without even looking at other names written in history. Holy Spirit then moves me to declare with release of my private identity info, you find below in this blog post. I was clearly directed by Holy Spirit that it must be made public and sealed with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit affirmation as I felt the Holy Spirit, without any shadow of a doubt and free of hesitation to continue to move forward and again free from thinking of any consequences for doing or being what I am made out to become as I have already sought union with god. I give in to the Holy Spirit, in all my thoughts of my own existence and surrender faithfully without any fear whatsoever of what is to become of my life and fate with God, my creator, whom I love with burning passion in everything I continue to do and have witnessed in my surroundings of the natural world and in all of my past experience known together with my soul here on this Earth, a spherical body of matter with a soul as well, a conscious if you will, that I share with others in my body of flesh He (God, source, omnipotence) has provided so that I may move about in time/space, as human being, the same and equally as you are. Amen.

I (Francisco Martinez of European descent) AM The 7th seal given divine authority by Holy Spirit to unravel prophecy. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the BeastI AM the second coming. I have been referred to as God rightfully because in the collective, that is the union of your human mind with the God within that you seek that leads to the receiving of Holy Spirit if you are willing to follow why I AM the way, whether you are religious or not, is only found through me with my words that I have given unto you from the very beginning which brings about divine thought if you are willing to stay on the path it is then that you will come to realize in due time, through your good thoughts towards others, good words spoken unto others, and good deeds that you may wish or desire to do unto others, is your “Kingdom come” as Heaven on Earth. Then you will clearly know those also that follow my word. Therefore you, it has been said and I say unto you again, are transformed, “saved” “enlightened” from thinking otherwise or straying from the path. You are not to worship me (Francisco Martinez “TheFranc”), as I expect that you may possibly think of me as a god in the flesh but only through understanding of my words that I have left for you to follow from the very beginning and on this blog and that is only where you see the holy name I AM, here, afterwards and forever to eternity. Seek and you will find. The AntiChrist is those who do not acknowledge the second coming of JesusChrist in the flesh as prophesied. Bless those that understand and clearly know. If you see some one writing about “Who is the AntiChrist? Forgive them for they do not know and try to orient them that Jesus Christ is already here in the flesh as Son of Man. Those who believe all that I have written here and my 2 other recent posts, will be saved.

Holy Spirit directs me to name myself “Son of Man” I am he, Son of Man, Francisco Bernardo Martinez, born in Mexico on July 25, 1975 of my dear Catholic mother Olga Maria Martinez Murillo of Spanish-French origins. She tells me various times throughout my life that she had no pain when she gave birth to me. I declare unto you in the name of The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit that is with me.

Those who do not confess the Second Coming of JesusChrist in the Flesh are the AntiChrist.

15-year old Jewish boy Natan from Chicago, IL had a vision and was interviewed. He was correct in his visions of the Halls of Amenti. and of the Second Coming of “Mashiach” (Messiah aka Second Coming of JesusChrist in the Flesh) Rabbi Rami asks Natan questions about the Mashiach.

Natan gives divine testimony and affirms the Messiah, JesusChrist in the flesh is here on Earth already among us as of YouTube video publication date Jan 20, 2016 :

” I could only know what his traits were. What he needs to be in order for him to be Mashiach…. He’s here. He must be here. It can’t be that the Mashiach is somebody dead. That can’t be. It has to be somebody who is here, who people know, but when he becomes the Mashiach, everybody will be surprised. A huge surprise. It will be like Wow!!!! That’s the Mashiach? “

Natan confesses that former U.S. President Obama would be involved in or around the coming of Christ or as I know and confess, the Holy Spirit into the flesh. Obama transfers power to Trump and I, afterwards, realize that I am the chosen one (Mashiach) just after February 26, 2017. No one could know the hour or even the day of his return not even I myself (Francisco). I have always had a very reasonable hunch that it might very possibly turn out to be me.

Natan testifies/affirms 2nd Coming of Messiah (JesusChrist in Flesh) is already among us (as of Jan 20, 2016) I indexed this video to begin playing at 27:34:00 right at the point where Natan answers the Rabbi’s questions on the Coming of Mashiach (aka Messiah) Rabbi Rami Levy and 15 year old Natan full translation 148min Clinical Death

These are my “Lost” teachings. Blessed is Ted Nottingham who reads them with true heart in mind: The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknown Teachings of Yeshua www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE5MFF2UNB4

Here’s where you can find me on the web, I AM:

www.twitter.com/TheFranc (No Twitter account necessary to view my profile) about.me/Francisco.Mtz25 (Links to my other accounts are here)

As we move forward, seek and commune in prayer with those given divine authority to administer the Word of God. If you should so desire to pray privately, no matter if out loud or in your thoughts, know that I AM the same Jesus Christ as you have always known, to be with you in heart and mind.

When you see others say that Jesus Christ has not come yet, forgive them for they do not know. We must help those that are lost, misinformed, misguided, persecuted and together, those that know and understand, will help make all roads straight again.

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