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I am also on:

Twitter: @TheFranc

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Below is a brief introduction to this historical blog site.

This wordpress blog site shall serve as the birthplace of record for the most truly fundamental and wholy Universal Theory of Everything for all mankind to observe and study the manner in which it was brought into existence and how it applies and should apply to all people and creatures of the Universe.
The name of this blog site “CiscoSphere” is named after its author and is not affiliated and never has been affiliated with Cisco Systems Incorporated.
This Universal Theory of Everything implies, states and addresses many aspects of human life and the processes and reasons that have been implicitly required throughout our history and continue to be so.
This fundamental theory or Ultimate Reality shall serve as the foundation from which to unify the sciences and philosophies and eventually display the fruits of scientific labors, further discoveries and justify the sacrifices of religions and unify the religions of the world. Madame Blavatsky predicted this in what she called a world religion brought forth only by one person living the life of persecution as the life of Jesus Christ once again.
It is everything we ever wanted a Universal Theory to be or become, The Ultimate reality and truth crystallized in writing as it should be in thought. You will find that it can be interpreted translated in many ways, many languages, many symbols, many beliefs as well as mathematically. All thought emerges from it.
This is and must be the new holy grail such as that which came once before.

It tells the story of why and how we were able to do today as we see that has been done before but with more detail as we have gained more knowledge and synthesis of current knowledge and affirmations through innovation. What remains are a few details to connect this profound revelation written carefully in stillness and in Heaven, with key symbols and some languages of the world.

This Universal Theory of (mankind’s) Everything will be published shortly and the header picture will be updated as well. It emerges from the Universal Statement that I presented before, “Manifestation(s) of/from Matter is Reality of Pressure” which can also be read backwards.

“Intelligence recognizes what has happened. Genius recognizes what will happen.” – John Ciardi
I leave you with a clue:

From humankind’s historical record, logic and experience, Wisdom and Love is able to emerge and coherence of those through understanding of the spirit within (through the father) and outside of the body, our material world upon which wisdom can be found through conduct, the Holy Bible, and logic in all patterns manifest from the fabric of space in the universe and upon which everything is manifested logically by the mind and can be unveiled into the ultimate reality for you.  Blessed is he who is persecuted, is homeless, in isolation, and has very little to eat. For he is most easily awakened and drawn to the light.

I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.


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