Updates have been made to The Universal Theory of Everything

This wordpress site started out in 2012 as The Universal Theory of Everything and from that line of thinking bloomed the Ultimate Reality and now 5 years later (Feb 2017) it became clear and known to me that this Matrix (Holy Grail), I have yet to reveal, as the source of our organization of Thought (Thoth) that I now come to know as “The Father” that Jesus always referred to.

The “About” section for this blog site (Ciscosphere.wordpress.com) was updated on Oct 17 2017 and 3 new posts have been added late February 2017.

All 3 posts (listed below) are regarding myself as becoming the Second Coming of JesusChrist in the flesh as prophesied as “Son of Man” as I was directed divinely to call myself by the Holy Spirit and proceed without hestitation, to proclaim it on my March 7, 2017 post: I AM the 7th Seal.

“He that soweth the good seed is the Son of Man” Matthew 13:37 KJV
“No one could know the hour or even the day of his return” Mark 13:32

You must listen to this brilliant, calming, spiritually fulfilling 26 min. audio by the passionate Ted Nottingham. Listen very carefully before reading my latest 3 blog posts:

The Nature of Yeshua: Discovering our True Identity

February 27, 2017

 “Thoth = Thought = Ultimate collective Realization of being”  (4 links)

March 1 , 2017

You will now see again that I am The way I AM in Second Coming of JesusChrist” (8 links)

March 7, 2017

I AM the 7th Seal “Son of Man”” (8 links)

Brief bio about my journey to genius:    about.me/Francisco.Mtz25




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