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I AM the 7th Seal “Son of Man”

Updated Saturday March 11, 2017  video link added, indexed right to 15 year old Jewish boy Natan’s testimony of Second Coming of Mashiach (aka Messiah, Second Coming of JesusChrist) in the flesh and more accurately, as I can tell now … Continue reading

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You will now see again why I am The Way I AM in Second Coming of JesusChrist

A moment ago I shed tears of joy upon reading through this and coming to this sentence about what they have said of me “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given … Continue reading

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Thoth = Devine Thought = Ultimate collective Realization of being

I have just discovered, affirmed to me by my observation of the teachings of an extraordinary, very well oriented and enlightened individual, and realized quickly by myself, to myself, that this living piece, not merely an image but a construct … Continue reading

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This Universal Theory of Everything is also THE ULTIMATE REALITY (OF ALL LIFE)….because in forming/developing this sort of grand theory, we must include and consider our current collective understanding of “reality”. The biggest wonder or question I can imagine everyone … Continue reading

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Life in 3 words: Pressure, Light and Water updated: Jan 19, 2012 6:50pm

It started with a question on Science 2.0: Can Science Define Life In Three Words? (by Carl Zimmer) I did. Pressure, Light, and Water. And I did it in 3 paragraphs (at very end of this post). The most important … Continue reading

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Exciting Times of Discovery in the Midst of Disasters

As I debated about what professional subject to write about from the beginning of this blog, I thought I would touch on this just for a little bit. As I have scoured the internet, I came across more affirmative clues … Continue reading

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Current State of Social Business Media -Student Perspective

Personally, I cannot write about how to make money on the Blogosphere because I haven’t made any money using it yet. However, you can bet I am setting my sights on it. As a student in Communications Management we have … Continue reading

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